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Familien fotografie




At the time of the Photo shooting :

At the time of the photo shooting, everything is set up so we can start right away with a few simple poses to enable everyone to get comfortable and relax. These poses are usually stand-up or seated ones. A variety of stool, chair, banks are available.

Then come the poses that you are really looking forward to having, the most important ones, those pictures you came to me for: a group picture for example. At this time of the session, if kids are involved, they are usually receptive, happy to play along and do not need to be entertained, which lets us work on the more elaborate set ups. We will try a variety of poses, which my go from standing up to sitting on a chair, and then on the floor, and then maybe even lying on the floor for a few shots taken from above – well, we won’t have Granny lay down on the floor, not to worry J

We then proceed to the next ‘most important’ pics on your list… it might be the long overdue couple picture you’ve been waiting  to have since you got married… a Mother and Son image…  a siblings’ picture…

Individual pictures are usually –unless they are on your PRIORITY list- taken last. This Is the time I grab a few props for the kids, or ask them to get those items they brought: a ball, a music instrument, a ballet outfit etc.

At any time during the session, you are welcome to change outfits and grab something you wished included on your portraits. We may also change backgrounds once if time allows.

Wishes are always welcome: if it so happens that I forgot a pose you wanted or if you have an idea, or suggestion, we will try it out!


Portrait Familien

Baby und Daddy

A & E
FamilienportraitsFamily Photo Shooting

Photographing families is a wonderful means of revealing special bonds which might have gone -so far- unnoticed. Just like sparkles, these moments of intimacy promptly disappear, but the captured images will remind you the story you will cherish for many years to come.

We will include breaks for a short snack, drink or nursing time as needed.

Carefully planning the outfits and color schemes dramatically improve the quality of your portraits, it is therefore highly recommended. We are always more than happy to assist you  in your choices.

A full range of prints of the highest quality is available for your comfort, all made in Switzerland.



Before our appointment :

Before our appointment, we will exchange basic information:

- the number of participants,

- their name and age 

-  the location: at a venue, in the forest, in your garden, at your home  versus the studio option.

- special information that I should know about (disabilities etc.) before the session

We will also talk about the photos you want to have:

- what style: you may send us a couple of sample pictures that you found and particularly like. Do you prefer classical poses, or rather spontaneous, humorous images?

- Do you have any color preferences: do you like very bright colors, or rather subdued ones, B&W or alternative color tones?

- Your preferred background color(s)

We will then move on to the actual set up, and model combinations: Mom+Dad, Family, Kids alone, Individuals pictures etc.  

I will then prepare a set of personalized poses according to your needs and specifications.



After the photo shooting :

7-10 days after your session (with a few exceptions, if you need a photo for your CV for example, and time presses), your photos will be ready to view. You have a choice of viewing them on a webpage created specifically for your photo shooting, or take another appointment to come and make your selection at the Studio.

Those pictures will only be partially edited, a few being offered in Black and White, others in some kind of color alternative.

You then select your pictures and let me know your special requests: one picture in B&W, this other one, in this special color tones etc.  Your choice of images will then be fully edited for your enjoyment. I will take care of skin imperfections (those that do not make you who you are), adjust contrast, color, remove any fuzz or dust, and generally work on the picture to draw the viewer’s eye where we want it.

Your CD will be delivered along with your invoice, through the mail: it will contain all of your chosen pictures in a full resolution format, your slideshow if applicable, as well as all the pictures in a low resolution format (600 pixels, 72 dpi) with watermark, for social networking and reference.

Most of my customers come to me through referrals… so share those pictures, let your friends and family know about my work and get to enjoy their own professional photographs.  And don’t forget, your Satisfaction is Guaranteed on all photo shootings!

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Tips & Tricks
to make the most of your photo session...

About Hair... should you be planning to go to the hairdresser before your session, think about doing so about one week before your photo shooting to allow your hair to return to a more natural look.

About Smiles… a big grin on each and every photo might be a difficult thing to ask… That's where the definition of ‘coolness’ comes in with teenagers  - but these young adults’ hearts are so overwhelmingly full of emotions, there is nothing to worry about, you will still go home with beautiful portraits!

About Clothes…When planning a session with children, try to seek their approval when picking clothes, they will look so much happier on the photos! And bring a few different outfits!

About Lovies... Bring your kid’s favorite toy or blanket so it can be forever remembered!

About… the famous ‘cheese’ trick : avoid it as much as possible. Make a funny face, act silly or give a tickle instead!

About Kids... Bring your children’s favorite CD to make them comfortable, and also your kid’s favorite toy or blanket so it can be forever remembered!

About babies... Plan your appointment when Baby is well rested and fed for a relaxing, pleasant session!

About in-home sessions... Planning your next family photo shooting in your own home is the perfect trick to increase everyone’s comfort level… sit in your favorite chair, your kids playing with their beloved toys…  everyone feels like they can be themselves, just as when no one is looking… a guaranteed natural look!

Familien fotografie

family portraits

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