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Pregnancy & Couples

A first pregnancy is a great occasio
n for sensual, intimate photos, whether in the Studio or the comfort of your home. The atmosphere is relaxed as there are no children attempting to steal the attention of their parents away. For a few short weeks, the focus remains with the parents to be...

Further pregnancies will require the same adjustments as a regular family shooting, although the focus remains the nicely rounded belly. Images and poses will be very spontaneous and lively with a little one running about in excitement!

Careful planning of the choice of outfits and color schemes will dramatically improve the quality of your portrait, it is therefore highly recommended. We will be happy to assist you in your choices.

A full range of prints of the highest quality is available for your comfort, all made in Switzerland.

Portrait Margrit et Ueli

Tips & Tricks

to make the most of your photo session...

The best time to schedule a Pregnancy Photo shoot is usually between the 28th and the 32th week: these are the special ‘pregnancy glow’ weeks, you can still move around easily and your belly is literally blooming!

Whether fully clothed, with your belly peeking out of your shirt, partially covered in a large sheer cloth or in the nude, the options are endless to highlight the best in you.

How to get ready… Have a look at my gallery, find out which background you like best, what style you prefer: close up, whole body, standing, lying, B&W/color, what kind of props if any. I will be happy to assist you in your choices.

What to bring? If you specifically want images of your belly, try to wear loose clothes before your appointment to avoid skin marks left by elastics. Pick a variety of clothes that you will make you feel good, I will help you to choose if needed! Accessories are also a good idea: baby clothes, socks, a stuffed toy... just bring anything we might be able to use!

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